Judgemental Much?

Jan 2, 2020

Ever find yourself judging others only to realize you are really judging yourself out of fear or some other nasty critical feeling? If yes, please keep reading. If no, you are an amazing, highly evolved superhuman. You don’t need to read anything else- ever. 


After a very lively New Year’s Eve, my little family spent most of New Year”s day in bed relaxing/recovering.  We slept- a lot.  I really love the idea of the New Year, starting fresh, new beginnings, etc. etc. So, a few times throughout the day, I spent some time reading scripture and writing in my new snazzy yearly planner. (Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner by Dragontree Apothecary if you love planners) I successfully managed to throw off my sleep cycle, so at 10pm I’m reading e-mail and catching up on podcasts, and other videos I subscribe to. One of my favorites is Sara Connell Coaching. After a couple of her daily videos, I land on a replay of a 1.5 hour seminar about setting goals for 2020.  First, I have to say that Sara is a person I don’t know and may never meet but her style and message resonates with me deeply. She also shares most of her coaching free – very uncommon. Yet, as I’m watching the replay I find myself judging some of the activities. So I stop and have the following self talk:

Q: Why does this bother me? 

A: because it’s over the top. 

Q: Is it really? 

A: Well, not really. And the others in the seminar seem to really be moved by the activities. Btw, her style and message really resonate with me.

Q: So what’s the problem?

A: She’s doing something I would be terrified to do because I would worry about what others are thinking. 

Q: So who’s the problem?

A: Ugh! Me- I mean I’m not a problem but my fearful, limited thinking is. This woman is successful so she must be doing something right. I want to be closer to that place. 

Q: Now what will you do about it? 

A: I will share this on my blog that I have neglected for a while because fear crept in. Not everyone who reads it will like it or get it but for any one who does this time was well spent. 

If you’re still reading, I’m looking forward to a year of creating a community that supports real sharing with the goal of all of us becoming more successful in our lives and careers. I’m currently refining my website with plans to launch March 1st. Stay tuned and reach out if you would like to connect!