The Loneliness of a Company

Aug 8, 2019

Have you ever found yourself feeling alone in the middle of a large company? It’s ironic isn’t it? I heard a stat this week that 7 out of 10 working persons do not like their job. It made me wonder if that was the real issue.  Maybe that statement is over simplified. Take me for example. I love my job. I have the opportunity to lead a group whose purpose is to make the lives of our employees better by asking for their input and sharing it with leaders who can take action. I can see the difference my team and I make and the intrinsic reward fulfills me. However, the times that I am not fulfilled have some common root causes and it can lead to loneliness.

I find that most people just want to be understood. I don’t need you to agree with me or like me. I’d like it, just don’t need it. I do however, want you to listen for understanding and respect my point of view. It seems that in the busyness of business, a bit of humanity gets lost. Connections are hard to make and even harder to maintain. Views like – we don’t have time for feelings, check your feelings at the door, we just need to get the job done, stop people from being their whole selves. Sadly for some, their emotions are the very best part of them. I’m highly sensitive and very empathetic. I can feel your vibes from a mile away. That makes me an excellent reader of people. I can read between the lines and predict outcomes that are based on human behavior -sometimes it’s scary. Those qualities make me great at my job. AND….I am in an organization responsible for developing software, executing projects, and managing financials. When I start talking about people dynamics and the importance of culture, eyes glaze over and I wish my superpower was to spontaneously combust. I wonder why I have to be wrong for you to be right? I’m certain there are highly logical, analytical folks in an alternate universe and on a team of “feelers” experiencing a similar loneliness. So it makes me wonder…. Is it really the job those 7 people don’t like or the environment? What do you think? Can you enjoy a job more in the environment you thrive in?

If you’ve had times in your life or career when you think or feel like “you just don’t get me” I’d love to connect. Community counteracts loneliness. There are strategies, books, lessons, that can help you learn more about your qualities and those of others to capitalize on your uniqueness. Here are a couple:



StengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath –  Your purchase the book that includes a code. The code is used to take an assessment that provides results for your top strengths. The book has a detailed description of the strengths, how to use them, how they can impact others, and how to capitalize on them.