Are you ready to unleash your full potential?

The 9 session Why, What, And How package for lifelong learners looking for new perspectives or strategies to achieve specific goals.

You know who you are, it’s time to capitalize!

Pkg price: $990 (payment options avail.)

The 12 week Learn & Love Your Who for seekers looking for who they are authentically & choose to capitalize on their uniqueness.

Before you can do, you have to be.

Pkg Price: $1320 (payment options avail.)

I want to keep reading…..

Tell me if I’m right…

You’re here because you feel or know that you are meant for something more or different than your current situation.

You’re not totally miserable, but something is missing or slightly off in your home, work life – maybe both? You struggle to put your finger on it, but worry that life is short and you want to make the most of it.

You want more and have more to give. You can imagine a life where you are fulfilling your purpose and living a comfortable life. You believe you can have both. And you know it would feel amazing!

Hi, l’m Laurie and l’m really freakin good at this stuff.


I’ve been where you are, constantly thinking about what my purpose was.

I would get frustrated – not take action – then look around me to validate my frustration I always found what I was looking for.

I thought I had tried #allthethings until I realized what I had been doing – THINKING. I wasn’t acting on #anyofthethings.

I was mostly content with life so I kept it moving. However, I had this continuing nagging sense that there was more for me. So, I took a step. I listened to a course from my local Small Business Administration about starting my own business.

That one step was empowering. It felt amazing to see very practical steps that no longer seemed out of reach. I was excited so I took another step. After dozens, maybe hundreds of small steps, here I am ready to help you with that first step.

Until I realized something… learning is so not the answer…

At least not the only answer…CHOOSING then acting was the missing piece of the puzzle

Lemme show you what it Can looks like on the other side


I spend my days at a job I love, doing what I love, with a team I adore. Then, I transition to a coaching business that energizes me. I am a major introvert. Putting myself out there to others is really scary. But I’m also really effing good at what I do. And I know you are, too. And I fully believe that you can have a life that works for you, too.  

OMG. You’re so ready for this…

If you’re reading this right now then I’d be willing to bet that you’ve…


Thought about wanting to be who you are and unleash your potential do something you want to do.


You’ve been taking assessments, researching new paths and maybe even applying for new jobs, but you know that really isn’t the answer to getting the results you want.

What’s missing?  The missing piece is getting the support and connection between who you are, what you can do, and how you can do it to arrive at a plan that YOU create and is just right for YOU to love your life.

Learn about your core thoughts, emotions, and actions, decide how to capitalize on them, and develop a new plan. For individuals ready to unleash your potential and create YOUR life that you love.

Basically, the two packages are designed to help you learn who you are, what you want to do, and plan how to do it so that you can finally truly feel that your uniqueness is seen.

I know you’re really freaking good at being you and you deserve to feel heard/be seen/add unique value. That’s why I created these packagess. Pick one and let’s do this!

Here’s how I’ll take you from settling to Sharing

    Step 1

    Introductory Session – We decide together if we will work together.

    Step 2

    Coaching Contract – We will agree to healthy boundaries & commitments.


    Step 3

    Coaching Sessions – We will meet based on your unique stage in life.

    Step 4

    Wrap up or Re-up – We discuss progress & agree on best next steps.


    Don’t take my word for it…

    “Working with Laurie is one of the best investments I’ve made.  Laurie is remarkably gifted at helping others make change.  Her coaching gave me an action-oriented approach to working through a personal barrier.  Allowing me to refocus my perspective and see infinite more possibilities around the changes I wanted to make!”

    Alyssa Jahns


    What’s included in the packages?


    9 or 12 sessions depending on the package you choose / Community Support in Facebook Group / Access to any 2021 workshops  


    Lifetime Access to all website resources


    Check in support via e-mail, text, or social messaging for quick questions or a motivation boost.

       Plus these juicy bonuses   

    Bonus #1

    • Energy Leadership Assessment  – This highly effective thorough assessment gives you line of sight to how your thoughts, emotions, and actions come together and manifest in your core energy levels.
    • 1 hour ELI Debrief

    Get some A’s to your Q’s

    Is this for me if I have a great job?

    This is for you if you want to capitalize on your unique potential to be who you are, do what you want to do, how you want to do it.

    How much support do I get with the Individual coaching packages?

    Your success is my success. We will have scheduled discussions so we honor each other’s time. I am also available for quick check ins via email, text, or social messaging.

    What if it doesn’t work for me?

    There is no magic formula or literal magic here. We will talk about the thoughts, actions, behaviors that make you you and how those either cost or serve you. The action part of the equation is up to you.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Refunds may be available based on circumstances and the policy is covered in the initial coaching contract. I encourage you consider your readiness. If you are ready to grow, refunds will not be an issue.


    lt’s time to trust yourself…

    I’m so excited to work with you to take who you are and do what you want to do the way YOU want to do it. You made it this far. You deserve the results that will come from your efforts. 

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