Discover WHO you are

and unleash your potential!

Hi, I’m Laurie!

I am here to help YOU connect your unique talents & potential with your choices to lead to a life YOU love.

You’re in the right place if:

You believe you have more to give than what you are currently doing or BEING.

– You want more than anything to be better tomorrow than you are today.

– You want to feel like you are adding meaning, value, and serving YOUR unique purpose.

What if you discovered more about why you think, feel, and act as you do?

What difference would that make in your life?

How would that feel?


Let me tell you what I know…

It is sooooo common to put others first. Being supportive and even selfless is not a bad thing on its own. Being ONLY in that mode can quiet our inner voice that says I can or I want. I truly believe we are faced with dozens to hundreds of choices each day big or small. Each offer a chance for you to move closer to what you can or want to do. If you can see that potential, visit the Work With Me page…yep…now. Do it if:


You are human.


You value relationships, authentic connections, AND acheiving goals.


You want to live every day as your WHOle self & unleash your potential?

YOU can choose now!

I KNOW this is possible. I have many, many reasons I could share to justify being skeptical. Was there for yeeaarrs.  AND, today I have a very long list of items I’m grateful for and proud to share. I have Faith, a strong marriage, great kids, one AMAZING fur baby, valuable friendships, health, and a successful career(s) – yes, plural. My deep belief in the power of choice has been my foundation. You may have tried this, that, and the other to solve problems or meet goals. I understand. I am also way confident that I know what I’m doing and my style is different than anyone else’s. Literally – no one can be better at being me than me.  

Ready to get started?