Are you ready to support potential in your community?

The 9 week Discover Your Potential for individuals or groups looking for opportunity and growth that enables them to thrive and contribute to stronger community.

Package Prices will be determined by multiple factors such as number of participants and expected outcomes. An initial conversation will be necessary for the most accurate proposal.

Before you can do great things, you must find your unique greatness!

Tell me if I’m right…

You are confident that your people can be more and do more, but not as confident in how to bring out their

full potential.

Days, weeks, months, and years pass and community needs continue to grow. The struggle is getting people to grow at the same pace AND give back.

Your vision includes maximizing on people with high potential  that supports a stronger community.

 feHi, l’m Laurie and l’m really good at this stuff.


I get it. As a Hispanic woman who grew up poor on the Southside of San Antonio I wish there had been more opportunities for what I now know of as coaching. Not therapy or mentoring – coaching. I’ve been in therapy more than once. I’ve had mentors. I’m talking about supporting someone to discover their own potential then apply strategies to achieve future goals. Now, I am an experienced leader who has experienced what it feels like to achieve consistent strong results from being coached well and coaching well.

I’ve gone from feeling less than to confidently accepting my strengths and opportunities. My teams have gone from doubtful to proud.

You’ve probably seen hidden gems in your programs and wished you could support them better. Somewhere between seeing doubt and pride, I felt the same.

The really great news is that I am on the other side and know what can be done and how. If you have reached the point where you are ready to try a very different approach that builds a new cycle of growth in your community……..keep reading.


When I realized therapy and mentoring are not the only answers…

And made a choice to focus on looking forward and setting goals supported by coaching….everything changed.

Lemme show you what it can look like on the other side


I spend my days doing work I love, working with a group of amazing humans who also happen to be highly motivated employees who support a stronger San Antonio. Getting there takes work and commitment.  I’m not a magician. I’m a coach – and genuine coaching can enable a person to reach their full potential.

  • I’ve accepted my strengths and abilities

  • I’ve made choices to pursue becoming a coach to positively impact others

  • I’ve coached hundreds of individuals to better reach their potential.


Your community is so ready for this…

If you’re reading this right now then I’d be willing to bet that you…


Can think of one or more individuals with high potential that could thrive with high quality coaching.


Want to see them maximize their potential and feel the pride of contributions and accomplishments.


Want to stretch your budget for the potential of exponential results.

The missing piece of your puzzle is available. Connecting the individuals you serve with a coach supports the individual and community. 

Here’s how I’ll take you from hidden potentialcal corporate to personally thriving and giving back.

    Module 1

    Energy Leadership Assessment – Starting with the Who


    Module 2

    Apply & Practice – Internalize new learning and practice BEING you


    Module 3

    AIM Smart – Set goals that include Who, What, and How


    Module 4

    Apply & Practice – Demonstrate behaviors and actions for sustainment

    What’s included in the program?


    9 week program / coaching support / personalized assessments & results /individual or group structure


    Lifetime Access to support tools/resources


    Up to 4 follow up contacts via client’s channel of choice


    lt’s time to trust a different way or approaching challenges…

    We have entered a time with new problems that require new solutions. Many companies continue to apply old solutions to new problems. My perspectives and coaching expertise will challenge your status quo which may be just the disruption you need to serve as a catalyst for true change.