Are you ready to unleash the human potential in your organization?

The 12 week Start with Who for business leaders looking for increased engagement that leads to stronger overall results.


Package Prices will be determined by multiple factors such as number of participants and expected outcomes. An initial conversation will be necessary for the most accurate proposal.

Before you can do great things, you must find your unique greatness!

Tell me if I’m right…

You are confident that your employees can be more and do more, but not as confident in how to bring that out their

full potential.

Hours, days, weeks, and quarters pass and business needs continue to grow. The struggle is getting employees to grow at the same pace AND maintain their overall health.

Your vision includes a balance of strong business results and highly satisfied employees.

Hi, l’m Laurie and l’m really good at this stuff.


I get it. As a business leader for over 20 years, I’ve been there. I’ve been the inexperienced leader making mistakes that had negative impacts on employees. I’ve been the growing leader who realized there was something better and applying trial and error. Now, I am an experienced leader who has experienced what it feels like to achieve consistent strong results with a team.

I’ve gone from frustrated to grateful. My teams have gone from frustrated to motivated.

You’ve probably already tried #allthethings to fix problems. Somewhere between inexperienced and experienced, I did the same.

The really great news is that I am on the other side and know what can be done and how. If you have reached the point where you are ready to try a very different approach that builds a new cycle of performance in your business……..keep reading.


When I realized training and performance managment is so not the answer…

And made a choice to focus on who my team is before what they can/will do….everything changed.

Lemme show you what it can look like on the other side


I spend my days working with a group of amazing humans who also happen to be highly motivated employees who deliver consistent strong business results. Getting there is not rocket science. It’s actually much more simple than the business world makes it. I’m not a magician. I’m a coach – and genuine coaching can change your workplace.

  • I’ve created an environment of open communication & healthy debate

  • My team genuinely supports each other and give grace

  • We fulfilled over 300 client requests without a single complaint and quite often kudos.

  • My team shares gratitude at a time when the organization is going through immense change.


Your employees are so ready for this…

If you’re reading this right now then I’d be willing to bet that you’ve…


Worked with or researched consultant firms or programs for your business.


You’re ready to take action and want to see results yesterday.


You’ve tried other programs and can’t understand why you haven’t seen results.

How’s that worked for you? The missing piece of your puzzle is the most obvious. Humans! The who of your business will actually get you the what business results. 

Here’s how we’ll take you from typical corporate to Modern Organization.

    Module 1

    Energy Leadership Assessment – Starting with the Who


    Module 2

    Apply & Practice – Internalize new learning and practice BEING you


    Module 3

    AIM Smart – Set goals that include Who, What, and How


    Module 4

    Apply & Practice – Demonstrate behaviors and actions for sustainment


    What’s included in the program?


    12 week program / coaching support / personalized assessments & results /


    Lifetime Access to support tools/resources


    Up to 4 follow up contacts via client’s channel of choice


    lt’s time to trust a different way or approaching business challenges…

    We have entered a time with new problems that require new solutions. Many companies continue to apply old solutions to new problems. My perspectives will challenge your status quo which may be just the disruption you need to serve as a catalyst for true change.