Let’s blog it up.

My blog is one of the best ways to get to know me. I don’t have any rules for what I post. I love to use it as a way to share my thought processes, struggles, and successes – like a diary or journal only open for all to see. (gulp) The topics will vary between personal and professsional. None of us are only one thing and I see this blog as a way for us to explore many topics as long as they support the overall goal of  me supporting you recognize and act on your choices effectively.



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Diversity Beyond the Surface

Diversity is more than a department in an organization or any one label to create civic changes. The most simple and most complex definition is "the state of being diverse; variety". The best word I've heard recently to help me navigate the space is background. This...

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3 Ways to Leap in February

  I learned today that February means cleanse. I started thinking about what cleansing means to me. My mind usually goes in multiple directions which may or may not connect with each other. I was finally able to see some themes and I narrowed them down to 3....

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When things don’t go as planned…..

I woke up this morning about 8 am, showered, grabbed coffee ….wait before that I wrote a short to do list that included - 4 simple items. 1) Watch Launch videos 2) Write blog post about fear of finishing 3) LAUNCH (underlined several times with exclamation points). I...

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Do You Have a Big But?

 Do you remember a time when big butts were not in? Then big butts became popular. The world changed, society changed…..and I'm not talking about physical butts - stay with me - this is a LinkedIn topic, I promise.   How is BUT impacting your life or career? That tiny...

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Independence, Dependence, Freedom

The past few weeks, geez maybe months have been a rollercoaster ride. Can you relate? I’ve worked through physical issues, battled some inner demons, worked full time, and made an effort every day to invest time in this business. I’ve had days of feeling overwhelmed...

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Aww geez…I’m always unsure of what to write in these things, so I’ll keep it simple. I’m a woman of God, wife of almost 20 years, mother 3 kiddos and one amazing fur baby, business professional, and COACH.  After a less than ideal childhood, I started working at 16 years old. I’ve overcome dozens of challenges in my personal life – divorce, abuse, teen mother just to name a few. Work was always a refuge. The majority of my career has been in large organizations in Corporate America. I’ve been successful by many standards. However,  something was missing – truly fulfilling my purpose. I love authentically connecting with women who are seeking support and coaching to reach their personal or professional goals. The business skills I’ve gained combined with my deep desire to help others led me to start a this business and help people like you!