Do You Have a Big But?

 Do you remember a time when big butts were not in? Then big butts became popular. The world changed, society changed…..and I’m not talking about physical butts – stay with me – this is a LinkedIn topic, I promise.


How is BUT impacting your life or career?

That tiny little word made up of three simple letters can really impact the design of your life   

How many books or articles have you read that say don’t use that word? Have you heard of the complibut? 

Well, here’s the thing – just like having a healthy body image is not about your butt – having a healthy life design is not about your big but. When you start to dig deeper you will find that who you are at your core is what you must know to design a life you love.

What makes using that word ok for you? What are you accepting in your life that allows that word to be so common and easy to say? What are the inner thoughts, emotions, and actions you have or take everyday that make your but bigger?  

As you prepare for your New Year, here are a couple of things to consider? Do you love your big but more than your unique traits, skills, and talents that make you amazing? What would you think if someone you love only talked about their big but instead of who they are and what makes them absolutely special? 

What if you no longer focused on your big but and loved yourself and all that you are and are capable of doing? What would be different? What would that feel like? 

Your call to action is to pay attention to how many times your big but gets in your way? How often do you say it? What could be different if you replaced it with another thought? Want to talk about that? I’m just a message away. 

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