Coaching is like food & water for me!

It nourishes my soul.

    Here’s the deal

I know you may not care that I’m and INFJ (unfamiliar? Google Meyers Briggs) or that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with books, certification courses, and learning in general.

You want to know what I can do for YOU, right?

You’re here because you’re so freakin’ amazing,

but you’re sick and tired of feeling like

you’re not sharing your full potential..





So let me tell you what I know…

You. I know you.

You’ve already tried other programs, therapy, self help books.

You’ve done #allthethings “they” told you to do.

You’re ready to finally have the version of life you’ve been working toward for so stinking long you can taste it.

You want something to work, because you are a badass and beyond ready see all those seeds you’ve planted bloom.  You have what it takes in in pieces and it’s time to put the puzzle together, you don’t need to be fixed, AND you want every single penny you spend to be worth it.



l’ve been where you are now….

I remember what it’s like to have so much to give and settling for being put in someone else’s box.

That’s why I do things differently around here.

 I have business experience in design/research and coaching expertise. I have strategies, tools, methods, and tactics I can share. BUT…..what I don’t have is an agenda. I am only successful if you are getting value from us working together.

Think of something you can’t imagine not doing everyday. That’s what coaching is for me. It’s like breathing and the time when I am the most alive. What’s your thing? I want to help you get to it.


Need or want to hear my story first?

  Well, l wasn’t always in this place…

My parents divorced when I was 5.  I was the classic latchkey kid. I remember being alone – alot.

When I wasn’t I was always toooo much. I talked to much, drew too much, played too much, read too much. I was a creative, sensitive child.

Since that wasn’t nurtured I became guarded and either didn’t talk or acted out.  I basically raised myself – poorly which led to a scary childhood, rebellious teenage years, and self harming early adulthood. I had my amazing son at 19 and stayed in an abusive relationship with his father for too long.

I met my husband at 26 and began a new job at 29 – both of which changed my life. My husband was a saint and my new career introduced me to coaching.

And now…

I know there’s that super cheesy saying of “if I can do it, you can too!” but seriously… I a little Latina from San Antonio, Tx. I’m the classic introvert, grew up poor, had some sh**ty circumstances AND I’m also really effing good at what I do. And I know you are, too.


  • I’ve spoken on big stages – most recently at the 2020 Reuters Customer Service Event.
  • Make a 6 figure salary
  • Raised 3 kiddos
  • Been married going on 19 years
  • Traveled around the world
  • 1 degree, 4 industry certifications (3 more by end of year)
  • Starting my first book
  • Genuinely want to help you achieve any one or all of those things…..or something different than lights your soul on fire.

Feel free to stalk me on the socials ....