When things don’t go as planned…..

I woke up this morning about 8 am, showered, grabbed coffee ….wait before that I wrote a short to do list that included – 4 simple items. 1) Watch Launch videos 2) Write blog post about fear of finishing 3) LAUNCH (underlined several times with exclamation points). I added the 4th item to post on social channels. Ok, back to coffee….I made my coffee and a quick breakfast thinking – I should eat breakfast today because I’m going to be busy working on all things launchy and might not take time for lunch. At this point I was excited and had butterflies about my newly designed website launch. It is 12:59 and each minute that passes adds to my dread that this launch may not happen today – after I committed on all the socials to launch today. I’m feeling pretty crappy. Here’s what happened in the time between 8ish and 1ish:


To Do # 1 – Watch Launch Videos


When I started down the path of a website re-design, I bought a  Website course from Brooke Lawson. I learned about her and her services in a writer’s retreat hosted by Sara Connell. I really enjoyed Brooke’s style and personality and when the time came that I was ready to stop feeling guilty about the initial money I spent working with a previous designer for my first attempt at a business site. In hindsight, I wasn’t ready to articulate my brand to someone. There was also something about building the site myself that gave me an appreciation for alllllllllllllll the things already done for me in corporate America. As a small business owner/entrepreneur, I either have to do those things myself or pay someone to do it. If you are an entrepreneur reading this, I KNOW you know this and might be smiling or empathizing with me. Anywhooooo, Brooke’s course was AMAZING! She provides a beautifully designed template that you use and fill in your content. She goes a step further to provide prompts in the template to help with content creation. For example, on the About Me page she reminded me what to and not to put on a page like that. That may seem like a no brainer, but when you an entrepreneur infant, it is priceless! THEN, she goes further to provide videos that literally teach and walk you through the steps of building the site. I built my site on WordPress and I would have cried and quit without those videos. Her teaching style is genius because she only teaches one piece at a time very intentionally so you don’t try to get ahead of yourself and get totally overwhelmed. Guess which little miss know it all tried to get ahead only to get tangled in a ball of yarn of her own making? So, when it came to the Launch, I was going to be a proper student and watch the damn video first.


So it’s now 1:25, and I just got off a 1 hour and 45 minute call about domains and hosting. This had nothing to do with the video. There were details of domains I did not know. My journey of starting a coaching business that began in June of 2019 has been a series of unlearning, learning new, and sometimes re-learning lessons. I would like to believe that I have learned most of “the things” I need to know to be ……..amazingly successful helping thousands of individuals, posting all my success all over the socials, enjoying a life of peace and freedom, and so on and so on. However, after working literally hundreds of hours, giving up weeknights, and full weekends sometimes, running into technology and emotional obstacles and achieving ONE huge accomplishment for me today I am 100% confident that I can figure out whatever is in front of me.


I’m not going to talk about the other to-do’s here. I went into the amount of detail I did about #1 to share that something worth accomplishing has a beginning, middle, and end. Sometimes those stages will be quick and simple. Other times, they may have layers and layers of shtuff. How you choose to deal with alllllll of that based on WHO you are can take you down your path of success. Now, I have to wrap this up because my new website is




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